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Rhythm of Life


Our church, First CRC in St. Thomas, was instituted on June 12, 1952.  Mr. and Mrs. John Heyerman were present.  The first Church services were held in the Y.W.C.A. on Mary St. Gerald Van Groningen was our seminary student in the summer 1953.   The first minister was the Rev. Walter Hekman, 1953-59.  He and his wife had three sons:  Paul, Bruce, and Calvin.  My family, the Smit family, had arrived in 1954, and my brother Henry and I made profession of faith with Rev. Hekman. Sunday school, catechism classes, and wedding ceremonies were held Saturday afternoons at Alma Presbyterian Church on Alma St.  Our first young people meetings were held there as well.    The first president was Cecil Kielstra and one of the first presidents of the Young Ladies Society was Pauline Dieleman.  The young people combined held an Annual ... continue reading