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    Rhythm of Life

    The Mustard Seed and Yeast (Matthew 13: 31-35 )

    Pastor George's words rang true for me today as I   reflected on my faith walk. If I am honest, my walk and enthusiasm seemed to come to a stand still as Fred and I dealt with the challenges following the passing of my father 6 years ago and the long trek of final diagnosis and treatment for my Mom's Alzheimer's. Add to that all the devastating news of health concerns within our community, I thought there would never be an end to it. However, I wanted to share with you and give thanks to God and to all of you, especially those that worked so diligently and faithfully on the Renewal Journey plan. Through prayer and somehow through this proposal, God has restored my enthusiasm and faith walk. Although some of the proposals may put me out of my comfort zone, I feel a strong push from God to support and embrace them. I don't fully understand yet why God is us ... continue reading