Rhythm of Life

Keeping it Clean

On April 16, 2016 our life group named the Flames, so named as our reminder to spread the Light of Christ within our World, took the Mayor’s challenge to clean up our community.  We chose to go to Athletic Park as a group.  As we arrived, our initial impression was that it wasn’t that bad and we might possibly be done sooner than the allotted 3 hours.  As we combed the area, we were shocked at the amount of garbage hiding in the borders of the woods and especially the amount accumulating under the old railway bridge.  Between the 8 of us it took 2.5 hours to clean before we ran out of bags, but the bulk of it had been tackled.  We headed back to the central meeting spot for more bags then headed out to the pathway on Elmina Street as we only had about a half hour left.  Most of us were a little stiff from the exercise but felt goo ... continue reading