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    Rhythm of Life

    The Rest of the Story

    I was watching a movie the other night and found myself caught up in the story. Intrigued by the lives of the characters and how they unfolded in a bizarre menagerie of tangled webs that held little hope of coming together in any kind of semblance. As the movie was coming to an end of its time in a barrage of sudden events everyone seemed to come together and everything was resolved but I had no way of relating and wondered what would happen to them now. The end of the story was so open ended that it frustrated me to see the credits blatantly unfolding as if the story was somehow over. I felt like I had wasted my time for even watching.                 As we conclude the season of Lent with the Easter Story, I wonder how many of us feel that way too! We celebrated the birth of a little baby Jesus at Christmas t ... continue reading