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Rhythm of Life


My curiosity was aroused recently when I heard the Bible reading referred to as a Bible “passage.”  Why do we use the word passage in that context? So it was off to the dictionary to check it out.  For all their dull reputations, dictionaries can be fascinating places to do historical digs, finding archaic meanings and clues about words, their ancestors and their cousins. A hall with many doors is a passageway.  Or you can book passage on a ship as part of undertaking a journey to faraway places.  You can use “passage” when describing a short section in a book or in music, because it has the ability to transport you to other places.   A Bible passage can invite you to adventurous living. When I was a child, I used to love houses, their nooks and crannies, attics and libraries.  Even now, a historic or model home beckons ... continue reading