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    Rhythm of Life

    God’s Plan for my Family

    I am a son of a peasant who used to live in my native land, Cambodia.  After Cambodia fell in chaos condition I was coerced away from my parents and siblings to join in the army who was commanded to attack their own people without reason which I would not agree with. At that time the political drive of the society forced people to serve its immense misery and demands though I did not like to do it.  I was not only physically forced to serve but also mentally and nobody could share ideas or to listen to other opinion.  The oppression was increased from one generation to the next.  The youth in my generation [1971-1973], who were around 20 years old was forced to leave families.  Their human right was taken away from protecting their own freedom.  Especially there was distrust among the people and even within the family. New law and regulation forced the ... continue reading